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Our Energetic Evolution in Healing:
Free Yourself From the Unseen
Forces That Can Make You Sick

by Karen Y. Mileson
Our Energetic Revolution in Healing

The Energetic Evaluation Cards

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Heal Yourself and Your Home - Energetically

Learn What Bio-Energetics Can Do For You - New Cutting-Edge Research

Hello, my name is Karen Mileson. I have written this energetic healing book as a recollection of my personal experiences - written so that some of the thoughts, ideas, processes and therapies that helped me may be helpful to you in your search. I will tell you about my mistakes so you can learn from them also - and learn about my research to find the solutions that I discovered helped me. I have written about some of my own personal spiritual and healing beliefs and how important my spiritual beliefs served as a foundation to hold onto for dear life through the toughest times and also use as a starting point in my searches.

This book has been written for both professionals and nonprofessionals who are ready to take control of their own well-being. It is divided into three parts.

Part I - Our Story

Part I is the story of how and why I got to where I am now. I was already researching alternative health practices when my husband, Don, was diagnosed with cancer.

In my book I briefly take you through our journey together - through his cancer - his untimely death - and the reasons why we lived this life together. This has driven me to complete what I believe was our mission: To ultimately find solutions to the unseen forces that affected and guided our lives so deeply.

I believe these unseen forces were the cause of Don's cancer and my previous neurological problems. Our symptoms and resulting diseases were very different, but caused by the same unseen forces.

My husband, Don, was diagnosed with kidney cancer which had already metastasized to form two brain tumors. This mental genius was losing his ability to think clearly, and his first symptoms were seizures. My symptoms began with chronic fatigue and eventually developed into tremors, twitching, jerking, dental problems and extreme leg weakness. In my book you'll learn what changes I made that took me from occasionally needing a wheelchair to the ski slopes in a matter of weeks.

Part II - Solutions

First you will learn how to identify your problem areas and then how to find and utilize the solutions. In Part II I discuss Our Energetic Evolution - my new research into Energetics - how you can use natural energies and energetic techniques to protect, cleanse, heal and evolve your body.

Our body inherently knows how to heal itself, given the proper guidance and tools and elimination of our blocks to healing. We may need to initiate a major change in our way of thinking - change our belief systems and thought patterns - to allow the expansion of our consciousness to believe that we do have the God-given ability and right to be healthy and to heal ourselves.

Part II introduces very accurate and muscle testing user-friendly self-testing methods (using primarily Applied Kinesiology) and the use of the Vega BioKinesiology system. Using these methods, you can learn to interpret and understand exactly what your body is experiencing. Learn the importance of eliminating the source(s) of your problem(s) - how to test for them and how to resolve them.

Detailed charts and photos throughout the book show you how to easily test yourself and your family. Even a detailed evaluation "Test Form" is included in the book and on the web site. It gives a format and offers suggestions as to what you can test and indicates the most efficient order. You will learn to test for your baseline energetic status and balancing solutions for:

Nutritional imbalances, including how to know if you are taking too many, too few or the wrong nutrients - as well as the "Most Effective" and "Well Tolerated" solutions.

• Chakras.

• Acupuncture meridians and their related organs.

Prioritizing your "key toxins" AND the ways to eliminate them from your body. Test if they are, indeed, being eliminated from your body.

• "Core toxins" (dead toxins) such as radiation, chemicals, insecticides, metals, etc., and even emotions, and why each core toxin also has its own "scavenger toxin." The scavenger toxins are live toxins, such as fungi/yeast, bacteria, parasites, viruses, etc. Learn why you cannot and do not want to eliminate these scavenger toxins until you have removed the cause - their function - which is responsible for their presence. Do you have scavenger toxins that you have not been able to eliminate? If so, then learn why and how to do so in my book.

• Emotions - Learn how to determine which unresolved painful emotions are still a HUGE drain on your life force. Emotions also have their own scavenger toxins. Also learn to which foods you react, determined by whether you are experiencing painful emotions relating to a male, female or self.

• Identification of relationships between the teeth/jaw areas and other parts of the body, including detailed charts.

What's Happening Under the Feet?

One of my most significant discoveries was a new energetic pathway. I found that almost all people I tested were weak under the feet. First I found that neutralizing EMF and geopathic stress corrected this flow of energy. Once that was resolved (by using one Energem in their home) I found other reasons for the weakness under the feet. Eventually I found that the weakness primarily related to being stuck in the past and not moving forward -evolutionarily. Testing under the feet can guide us into moving in the right direction in all aspects of our life.

This weakness could relate to anything in our life - like our thoughts about making changes, such as retiring, changing jobs or relationships, or moving. It could also relate to "old" therapies we were using that were no longer beneficial to us, or a belief system that was now holding us back.

Why is this so important? The other aspect I found was very disconcerting. I found that the energy or frequency of many diseases, toxins and emotions - that are not ours - are entering this pathway through the feet and being retained in the body. It also keeps us from releasing many of our own toxins. When this is happening, many muscles, organs, chakras, hormones and nutritional points are unbalanced. Somehow when we are weak under the feet, we are tapping into a very toxic area outside of ourselves. I and others have felt a HUGE decrease in energy when this was happening. In my book I teach you how you can find out what's holding you back so that you can resolve it.

The Life Evolving Energetics System (LEES)

The last section in Part II details the primary aspects of my "Life Evolving Energetics System" (LEES) - so that you can utilize your own inherent power to heal yourself. This system utilizes Life Force Aphorisms (LFAs). These LFAs use specific phrases to say once a day to teach your body to protect, cleanse, heal and evolve. The LFAs work as deep as the DNA level! Your body inherently knows how to proceed to accomplish this in its own time frame, sequence and in its most efficient manner.


Part III - The Unseen Forces
Natural & Man-Made "Energy Toxicity"

In Part III you will learn about more of the unseen forces - the natural and man-made "energy toxicity" in our "sick house" that made both Don and me very sick. In 1996 I began to see major changes in our "energy environment." I began to see the addition of the energy/frequency ofmany scavenger toxins entering our homes via the electrical system. I coined these the "electrically transmitted and atmospathic toxins." "Atmospathic" includes the combination of the above ground energy toxicity and geopathic stress relates to the underground sources of energy toxicity.

I saw all of these sources of new toxins and knew they had a tremendous bearing on my well-being, as well as on my clients. I tested many products, none of which were effective. No one else had done the research to "see" the additional energy toxicity that I now saw. Then I knew that I needed to discover the solution - for me and for you.

That Solution was the ENERGEMS=Energized Gems.

Over the past 10 years, through continual research I developed a product that will neutralize the energy toxicity from EMFs, geopathic and atmospathic stresses in your home, office and body. My book will teach you how to test yourself and family, your home and your cell phone for these stresses as well as how to test the effectiveness of the Energems to neutralize these stresses. You can see for yourself the energetic changes and benefits that occur when you remove this block to healing.

ENERDISCS=Energized Discs

You will also learn about ENERDISCS=Energized Discs to transmute water into cleansing and energizing essences.

Further details on the Energems and Enerdiscs are available on this web site. Click on side buttons or the links at the bottom of the page to access that information.

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