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News & Updates

The IMP*D-Pendant

I am happy to introduce you to a brand new Energem that has been researched and tested over the past ten years.

Do you want to have ownership and be the only source, power, control and authority of your body and Beingness and all areas of your life?

Are you ready to stop and then release the thousands (or more) of programs, programmed belief systems, soul contracts, oaths, vows, curses, energy of all toxins and diseases, emotions blocked from being released, other people's emotions and toxic energies that are now in your body and Beingness?

If so, then the IMP*D-Pendant is for you! This is a one-of-a-kind product. I know of no other product or system that can do what wearing this pendant can do for you.

This IMP*D-Pendant and Evolve Beyond System is the Solution for your being Interfered with, Manipulated, Programmed, controlled, owned by others, sabotaged, made toxic and sick, kept suppressed... so that you can now be and live the life you desire.

This IMP*D-Pendant, connects you, via the energy of very detailed processes that have been placed in the pendant, with a Divine part of yourself that first provides the protection. It then gives you ownership and control of your body, Beingness and all areas of your life. It then stops all forms of IMP type interferences and programming from coming into your body and Beingness.

Once the source of these interferences is stopped, then your body and Beingness begin the process of releasing them. Then you are connected to another Divine part of yourself that is, and knows, only being healthy, happy, wealthy, in joy... and is also free of all types of interference energies and possesses, emanates and gives to those who know how to ask for and accept them, all of these beneficial aspects that we strive all of our lives to find.

Recap of what the IMP*D-Pendant Can do for You

  • Strengthens all energy pathways into your body (except the pathway under your feet on Layer I that tells you when you are going backwards in your life).
  • Connects you to your Divine part of yourself that provides protection.
  • Gives you back your power, ownership and control of your life.
  • Stops all types of IMP interference energies from entering your body and Beingness, including all daemonium-derived carrier energies, programming, programmed belief systems, recycling of emotions, energy of all toxins and diseases, connections to toxic areas outside of you including other people's emotions and toxic energies, soul contracts, oaths, vows, commitments...
  • Then gradually neutralizes and releases all interference energies.
  • Connects you to your Divine Beingness that knows only health, happiness, joy...
  • Increase your energy, substantially for some.
  • A sense of well-being, no matter what else is going on around you.
  • Gives you your ability to evolve into the life you desire.

The ultimate goal is for you to be able to have ownership and control of your own life.

Read more about this amazing new IMP*D Pendant...

Or order the Personal Protector of your choice and then add Product #100 - the Add-on for your own IMP*D-Pendant.


Can We Survive 5G?

And No-Charge Testing of Your Home

I can't answer that question yet, at least for me. I will need to be "living" in that energy for at least a day and maybe a week or more to know.

5G is the 5th generation of wireless technology. We are primarily using 4G now. 5G is an entirely different system that is using much higher frequencies. These are military grade frequencies that have had ZERO testing done by the telecom companies to see if they are safe. They are NOT.

5G will consist of small cell base tower units placed in every neighborhood and every 250-500 feet (and maybe only 20 feet from your bedroom). There are now 480 satellites that the base units will communicate with using up to 22 different frequencies. It is estimated that the US will have 800,000 of these small cell towers for now with 4,400 satellites soon and later 34,000 satellites. It means towers close to our homes adding much more toxicity and to me not worth the potential harm that it can and will do if we are not protected from them.

Each location may have a different frequency used, which may make it more difficult for me to find the neutralizing frequencies for all 22. 2G, 3G and 4G will not be dropped - 5G is just being added to them. Plants and animals may be affected even more than we are.

To me, all of this is insane. There are groups that are trying to stop these installations. One US attorney has been successful in stopping them in approximately 75% of his cases. Australia has been able to have some stopped and even some removed. This is a global movement from very high levels to push 5G through, no matter the cost to our health and planet.

I do not yet have 5G near my home but have found other ways of testing it. From my testing I know that 5G is adding much more toxicity to our homes and lives. And I have updated my Personal Protector and E&Ts - home and cell phone and Car Energems with added frequencies to neutralize the 5G toxicity. I much prefer to and have always "lived" in the new energies before offering the solution to other people, but that is not possible this time. I have used the 5G Energem in my home for about three months now and although I cannot "live" in the 5G energy to feel that it's effective the 5G Energem is "Well Tolerated" by me and others. If the 5G Energem is not "Effective" in the near future and needs tweaking once 5G is out in full-force, then I will again upgrade it at no extra charge to all that choose to receive the current upgrade.

My health and well-being depend upon my being able to neutralize these 5G energies, so you can be assured that I am continuing my work to keep us safe and protected.

In my work in healing homes, my goal has always been to neutralize all of the toxicity coming in via the electrical system, not just the emfs. That includes geopathic stresses and their related toxin, disease and emotion energies. Over twenty years ago I saw the energy of many toxins coming into our homes via the electrical system that no one else was seeing (and they still don?t!). What I later discovered was that the ENERGY of virtually all toxins, diseases and emotions that exist come into our home and body with Curry Grid geopathic stress, which is also in the electrical system.

These energies, if they are not neutralized, flow throughout the electrical system and will enter our body whenever we are near anything electrical. And they can be stored in food and beverages in our refrigerator.

I used to think that it was the geopathic stress itself that ?contained? these toxic energies. I now believe that geopathic stress may just be a carrier for these energies.

I am now also seeing 5G energies coming into the electrical system even without any small cell base towers nearby. And I believe that 5G is also acting like Curry Grid ? as another carrier of all of these toxic energies. Some people believe that 5G is the cause or spread of COVID-19. I don?t know if that is the case, but I do see the energy of this coming in also.

This may partly explain how/why we get sick ? The energy of all toxins, diseases and emotions comes into our home and our body and stays within us. (The E&T Energem neutralizes all of these that come into the electrical system, but not those that come directly into us via many other pathways ? more later). Something may trigger us ? either an exposure or a trauma or emotion that then attracts or triggers the disease to manifest within us.


All of this means that it is essential for our Energems to be upgraded in order to continue to protect us from these new toxic energies. All of the Energems I have shipped since 4/1/20 have had the 5G neutralizing frequencies in them. But I decided this was a great time to do more testing of Curry Grid and other sources of energies coming into our homes and us. Because of the new toxicity, I am now offering upgrades ? very important upgrades ? to include the current neutralizing frequencies for 5G and all of the energy toxicity that it carries with it and the newer Curry Grid toxic energies starting with upgrading the E&T and Elixir Energems for home and office use, cell phone use and the Car Energems.

All Energems shipped starting June 1 have both the 5G and other upgrades in them ? so they are current.

It is now more important than ever that a thorough floor plan (including walls, floor and ceiling) along with exterior photos be used whenever possible. This is our shield that neutralizes the energies before coming into the home but will not neutralize other sources coming directly into our bodies. This is what the new IMP-Personal Protector Energem is designed to do.

New IMP-Personal Protector Energems

The Personal Protector Energems will also be updated later this summer and I will be introducing what I am calling the IMP-Personal Protector Pendant. It is part of a new system that I have been working on for the past eight years. Most of it is almost complete and the ?energy? of this will be available to be added to the Personal Protector as an add-on ? The IMP-Personal Protector ? to protect us from 5G and the IMP energies.


I = Interferences
M = Manipulation
P = Programming

The new pendant part of the new system will connect us to a higher dimensional part of ourselves that will provide the protection which then activates and allows the detox and subsequent healing. I strongly recommend using the upgraded E&T Energem in your home before wearing the IMP-PP. More on this later.

New Energem Orders

For anyone ready to purchase an Energem, please go to

No-Charge Testing of Your Home

I am offering no-charge testing of your home to ensure that your home E&T Energem is protecting your home.

With every new E&T Energem (product number 13 or 14) purchased or upgrade done during June of this year, I will also do a no-charge remote testing of your home to ensure that your Energem is properly placed and your home is ?Well Tolerated? (this is limited to 30 minutes of testing and should be sufficient for most homes unless there are other issues. If there are other issues, this testing does not obligate you to any charges that you have not agreed to). Once you have the upgraded or new Energem in place, then e-mail to me at your name, address, a copy of your floor plan and confirmation that you do not have any other protective-type products within your electrical system which could interfere with my testing. With our homes being protected now being so much more important, I want to ensure that there is nothing interfering with your having a ?clean? and ?Well Tolerated? electrical system in your home. I do sometimes find that people place toxic substances too close to the electrical system and that toxin then is circulated throughout their home. I have found many different items in homes that cause problems, including other products that are designed to neutralize emfs but do not work properly and may keep the Energems from working properly, salt lamps, chemicals, cleaning supplies, soaps, alcohol, insecticides, paint, paint thinner, nail polish or remover, etc. ? anything toxic.

Anyone that currently has 5G small cell base towers very close to them and will be getting a new Energem or the upgrade, please let me know. I would like to do some before and after remote testing on your home as soon as possible (no charge).

Upgrade Procedure

I am making this upgrade available for all home and office or Car Energems ever purchased even if the warranty has expired. The purchase date is handwritten on the back of the colored card as well as on the paperwork that was sent with your order. If you purchased an Energem or a $120.00 upgrade within the past five years, then this one is at no charge, but please follow the directions below on emailing a photo of your Energem to be upgraded.

If you purchased your Energem or upgrade over five years ago, then the warranty has expired but can be upgraded for a $120.00 charge, if it is ordered prior to July 1, 2020. This also extends the warranty. The E&T cell phone Energems purchased over five years ago will be upgraded for a cost of $60.00. Each upgrade must be processed separately. Again, all Energems purchased after June 1, 2020, already have this new energy in them, so no upgrade is required.

All upgrades will be done remotely only via a photo of your Energem while it is in place within your electrical system except for cell phones. Cell phone Energem upgrades will need to be coordinated. I will email you to schedule a convenient time to do that when the cell phone is not on your body.

How to Get Your Upgrade

First determine your cost to upgrade. Once you know the fee to upgrade, then go to the website at:

Here you will be redirected to enter your fee and to place your upgrade order(s).

Once the order is placed, then email me one photo for each product to be upgraded. To take the photo, place the product on the floor with a plain sheet of paper underneath it. It can be tile, carpet, wood, etc. If possible, include the back of the colored card in the photo. Then place the Energem back in place.

Then email the photo to

In the email include the amount you paid for the upgrade, your name, address, phone number, email address, name or product number of the Energem and date of purchase. In your email, also confirm that this product is never worn (except for cell phone Energems). I will email you after the upgrade is completed.

Take care,

Karen Mileson


New Transmutation+ Energem

Are you worried that your food, beverages and most everything else in your life are so toxic that you’re afraid they could be making you tired or even feel sick? I was - which is why I created this new product. If you are too, then this new Transmutation+ (T+) Energem was designed for you! It’s great to no longer have to worry about the toxicity in my food, beverages and household products. This T+ Energem now replaces the Food+ Energem.

If you have an E&T Energem protecting your home (the most important Energem to have), that by itself will neutralize the geopathic, emf and related toxins in the foods as they enter your home. But there are more and more toxins now entering our food chain and environment. Nothing is pure anymore. That includes virtually all food and water - including spring water just coming out of the ground and the food from your organic garden.

What Items Can be Transmuted

Almost any toxic item can be transmuted using this T+ Energem. And today virtually all food and beverages have a number of toxins in them. The T+ Energem may be used to transmute the toxins in: food; microwaved food (that means virtually all restaurant food and food in your home if you don’t have an E&T Energem in it); water; beverages; eye glasses; any household products; cosmetics, creams and lotions; fingernail polish and remover; paper towels and other paper products; batteries; printer ink; watches; cleaning and laundry supplies; bedding; plastics, etc.

Clients are already finding unique ways to use this product as well as the Living Vortex Water Enerdisc, such as: clearing toxicity in pillows; in foam mattress covers; clearing toxicity in cars; transmuting chemical toxicity in new furniture; hair products, including permanents; placed on hot water heaters and water lines to transmute the toxicity in the water as it’s coming into your home. For further information on how to do this on large items, once you receive your T+ Energem, email:

As with everything, use your common sense. I would not expect very toxic items like poisons or strong insecticides to become non-toxic.

How to Use the Transmutation+ Energem
All you have to do is set the item on this T+ Energem. The items may then be removed and they will not pick up toxicity once removed. It is that simple!

I have done extensive testing with foods transmuted on this new T+ Energem and have not found any of the beneficial qualities of the food to be modified – only the toxic ones.

Order Energem T+What I’ve found in my testing is that once the toxins are neutralized using this Transmutation+ Energem, they no longer pick up any toxicity – even after being removed from the T+ Energem.

The Transmutation+ Energem is available either in coasters or food trays. The coaster is a great size for your beverages and a small coaster to take with you when you eat in restaurants. At home I use a tray and place my plate on it. Immediately it begins working to transform the quality of my food.
You may see the two different size coasters and two different trays and place an order for this Transmutation+ Energem at:

Return Food+ Energem Coasters
If you already own an old Food+ coaster, it may be returned to be upgraded for a fee of $35.00 including Priority Mail shipping back to you within the US. Please email me for rates for other countries.

Return the Food+ coasters with a check for $35.00 or your Visa or MasterCard number to:

Karen Mileson
Energetics International, Inc.
PO Box 497
Snowmass, CO 81654

If you have any questions, please email me:

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