One-on-one personal wellness coaching for optimal health and freedom from the impacts of geopathic and electromagnetic stresses and toxins.    

Cutting-Edge Wellness Consulting/Coaching

Would you like to make a quantum leap in your state of well-being to its highest and most evolved level? Or would you like to learn how to do this yourself?

One-on-one personal wellness coaching and consulting via telephone appointments are now available. The coaching is being done by Karen Mileson, a wellness practitioner since the 1970s, energetic health researcher and author of Our Energetic Evolution in Healing: Free Yourself From the Unseen Forces That Can Make You Sick. Her cutting-edge research and products took her from needing a wheelchair when she traveled to being a ski bum and now able to do whatever she desires — including recently learning to indoor sky dive! Are you able to do whatever you choose to do?

Karen has chosen to accept a limited number of additional motivated clients. All coaching will be based on Karen's testing of you for ALL areas covered in her book, and more. Learn how to protect yourself from the hidden dangers all around you, plus:

  • Learn to begin to EVOLVE your body—it knows how, if you use these techniques and just get out if its way!

  • How geopathic and electromagnetic stresses are dramatically affecting your well-being and how to resolve them.

  • How (not if) your cell phone and any cell phone within 100 yards of you is affecting you and how to protect yourself.

  • How to protect yourself from either your or your neighbor's wireless gadgets.

  • Testing of YOUR home for any hidden dangers.

  • Strengthen the newly discovered Energy Pathway, which is allowing toxicity from outside of you to continually bombard your body. Strengthening it reduces your need for many supplements, thereby saving you money, and greatly increases your energy level and well-being. It keeps you on-track and moving forward in YOUR life.

  • Balance your nutrients by taking only the "Most Effective" and "Well Tolerated" nutrients specifically for YOU.

  • YOUR key toxins. Discover their source and how to eliminate them from your body, including no-cost energetic methods.

  • YOUR weakest areas — organs, chakras, acupuncture points/meridians/alarm points — and how to balance them.

  • YOUR emotions that currently affect your well-being, who they relate to and ways you can resolve them.

  • YOUR best foods and water.

  • YOUR most important wellness areas that are ready and waiting to be resolved NOW.

To take advantage of this rare opportunity, call Karen at
970-704-0974 or e-mail
Cost is $200 per hour.


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