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I still am somewhat amazed that once I knew about this geopathic stress, it started showing up as a priority in my testing. I have also noticed a dramatic reduction in the supplements needed, especially in immune challenged patients. It's as if the immune system says: "Finally, I can do what I'm supposed to do!"

My long term cases that had not been responding as well as we had expected, now with the Energem seem to be improving. One of my patients commented that the Energem has really helped with a lifting healthwise and also with her attitude and creativity. She feels more grounded.

Dr. T., Colorado

For myself, I got into this area to solve my geopathic stress problem. By dowsing and kinesiological testing I determined that there was an over-energizing stress line intersecting my body where I slept. It may have been one of the factors in my heart attack in 1988. Since putting the Energem in place, I sleep more restfully. When I travel, I sleep better in my hotel or motel. In restaurants I use the Food+ Energem to cancel the effects of microwaving and to improve the quality of the wine at the table. At the dentist's office, I put an Energem on the x-ray machine as well as the drill equipment to protect me. I have the dentist place materials on the Food+ coaster before mixing and placing them in my mouth.

With my patients, I use the Food+ Energem where appropriate to improve the meridian energy through a problematic tooth spoil such as a root canal tooth. The Enercleanse Enerdisc is useful here as well for bacteria in the tooth or surrounding it.

With patients, I particularly urge it for those who have significant geopathic stress. Recently, one patient who had been distilling water for home use purchased an Energem. The water tested energetically "dead" before the Energem. Afterwards it was as energized as good quality spring water.

Those with chronic fatigue have been good candidates. The Energem was part of the solution to their condition. For those with heavy usage of computers and for those with exposure to much emotional negativity or those who are empaths, I recommend a Personal Protector Energem.

Now that I've been using the Energems for about a year, I would feel quite deprived if they were not available to me. Karen, you are making a significant contribution towards the health of the planet.

Gil Saltman
TBM Practitioner, Connecticut

Dear Karen,

I have had my Energem for about three months now as I start this letter. The difference in my life is phenomenal. Regrettably, I felt I should have kept a diary to record the transition I made after putting the Energem in place because the wellness that was achieved was so natural, but through a series of events after starting this letter I was able to do so - to record the feelings as they took place.

It was as if nothing abnormal in time preceded it. I have been ill since 1992 and able to do very little without great effort and suffering - from numerous physical complaints to a mental state that never lifted beyond a malaise or a heavy depression. I had decided to have my phone service disconnected and my last usage was to order my Energem. My daughter felt I was disappearing from the world and this was not a good thing, she said. I finally decided just to get a new phone number, but in the interim, I had no phone when my Energem arrived. I promptly put the Energem to work, laying it on top of the photos of the house on an electrical strip that seemed to work better for me than on top of the TV. Since I did not have the phone service at the time, I took no precautions to have it protected by the Energem. Within a couple of hours I noticed I was humming and then singing. I had not done that for many years. Then it was as if my body had more energy to do things while my brain, still in a fog, had to catch up. As the fog started to clear one felt so natural. I could notice directly what I was able to do as if I was sleepwalking in the beginning seeing that I was beginning to function still being in a daze in the head. The second day I noticed that I was definitely getting things done and some of the brain fog was lifting. There was some tiredness perhaps as I was getting used to a new and unfamiliar activity level. Where my plans and projects could never materialize before, suddenly things were taking shape in a sustained way. One morning as I lay awake about to get up to start my new day, the phone was turned on as I later found out. (I had not tied the phone line into my Energem system.) I really did not know what hit me as I found myself instantly in a crippling state and it was as if I'd never experienced it before. In that state I could no longer reason that I had just been well and to find out what the trouble was. It was like I had to stumble into it ultimately seeing that the phone was not connected into the protection of the Energem and now that the phone was turned on I needed to make the correction, which I then did. Two hours later I was starting to recover as the anesthesia of the brain and body started to lift. It was, however, a set back and one had to start all over with the "slowly coming to life" again.

One month later I enjoyed a new uninterrupted potential. I was doing things that I was only able to even think vaguely about doing before. A month or so later, I had accomplished much and decided to move one of my phones and in doing so unplugged one and forgot to check to see if the incoming one was still covered by the Energem. By the time a few days rolled by, I gradually came to a halt as before, but in somehow catching my error, as always in a couple of hours I would begin to sing. That was always the first sign of the "bad" lifting. Whenever the phones were not protected with the Energem, I was on the verge of considering drastic measures, as I was very depressed. I felt like I was in a stupor and could do very little. Life was an uphill effort. I had long disappeared under unwashed dishes, weeks of them and a house that looked on the inside like a tornado had hit it. Recently I stayed three nights in a Vancouver, B.C. motel with the phone there about four feet from my head as I slept. The first night, there was no discernable difference. But by the second night, I noticed a severe energy drain in me. Since I did not travel with my Energem, I plan in the future to get another one for personal protection and for travel. It is clear it was not just the phones in my house alone. Had I stayed a longer time, I would have had great difficulty making the five hour drive back home from the negative effects of the phone. I would have lost driving stamina and mental clarity. It has been four months now since I continue to write this and I am so glad I found the Energems. It has been a reclamation of my life, health and happiness. I could go on. Thank you for all of you who have made this product possible. It is truly an answer to a prayer, and I did pray to find this healing help for me.

Esther W., Washington

Dear Karen,

I have been wearing your Personal Protector Energem for six months now and what I observed is as follows: My mood is better and more stable. I have experienced a greater self-confidence/esteem and love in my life. I feel happier, lighter, more energized, balanced and powerful. The fears I had before, related to existence and everyday life, have almost disappeared. My sleep is more serene. Wearing the PP Energem changed the way I perceive other persons as well as situations in a very positive manner. More detachment is taking place in my life, allowing me to have a clearer vision of who I am and what decisions to make. My health has improved surprisingly. With the E&T Energem, I experienced the following changes: When watching TV, I don't feel this oppressive sensation on my forehead anymore; my ideas are clearer and my eyes are not tired as they used to be. When using my computer, I'm more focused and comfortable than before. The atmosphere in my home is joyous and peaceful; the vibrations have changed to more subtle ones. I can concentrate better and my creativity is enhanced. Moreover, I experienced all these changes very soon: already some days after I purchased them. My personal comments are that the Energems are powerful tools for evolution and that they work in a very effective way to make a Big difference in one's life! And all this without doing anything: just let them work for/with you...

Thank you so much Karen for your Great Work!

Alexandra S., Geneva, Switzerland


To Whom It May Concern,

I live in New Zealand. Five years ago I moved with my husband into a second-hand house, which we altered to suit a family left home, but always visiting, plus the need for an office. It quickly became home. Within nine months I began to sneeze at three o'clock in the morning, every morning! My nose began to bleed regularly, I was losing concentration at work and eventually couldn't even hold onto a tennis racquet to return the ball. I needed help. All this happened over about two years during which time I gave up dairy products and most gluten - with some relief. Conventional medicine was little help other than having my nose cauterised. I tried naturopathy where we gained access to knowledge of electromagnetic stress. On the internet I found http://www.energems.com, which led me to the wonderful E&T Energem that now lies on top of our computer. Over the last four months my health has improved in leaps and bounds and visitors have often commented on the peace in our home. While I continue happily with the stricter diet, we are both calmer and find our lives have more purpose, and my previous problems have all but disappeared.

Thank you, Karen.

DB, New Zealand

Just wanted to say "Thank you" for the Energem that you sent for the house. Shortly after placing the gem on top of the pictures of the house and placing them on my television, I noticed an energy change in the house! Energies in the house are much calmer. My family moves through times of crises much quicker. In other words, everyone moves through their anger and frustration much quicker. We all feel more peaceful.

I'm speaking for myself and my parents and my son. They have no idea about the "Energem" so I am able to observe these changes because they don't have a clue! Their change is genuine and authentic - yet subtle. It works - so again - thank you! Sincerely and with admiration for your work,

Tracy Monson, Virginia


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