Secret Attacks Sabotaging Your Life: Evolve Beyond©

The Evolve Beyond System©

This IMP*D-Pendant and Evolve Beyond System is the Solution for your being Interfered with,Manipulated, Programmed, controlled, owned by others, sabotaged, made toxic and sick, kept suppressed... so that you can now be and live the life you desire.

ENERGEM Personal ProtectorENERGEM Personal ProtectorThis system, including the IMP*D-Pendant, connects you, via the energy of very detailed processes that have been placed in the pendant, with a Divine part of yourself that first provides the protection.

It then gives you ownership and control of your body, Beingness and all areas of your life. It then stops all forms of IMP type interferences and programming from coming into your body and Beingness. Once the source of these interferences is stopped, then your body and Beingness begin the process of releasing them. Then you are connected to another Divine part of yourself that is, and knows, only being healthy, happy, wealthy, in joy... and is also free of all types of interference energies and possesses, emanates and gives to those who know how to ask for and accept them, all of these beneficial aspects that we strive all of our lives to find.

This research is the result of almost ten years of work and it taking me a life time to even attempt to figure out how to do this. It is the next and major step of Our Energetic Evolution in Healing©. And much of doing this research and being my own guinea pig was like my going through hell. And I was back in a wheelchair and a brace a few years ago because of seven spinal fractures in a short period of time - and again have gone from wheelchair to ski slopes when I skied again last winter! All without surgery which luckily wasn't feasible, and from primarily physical therapy, the right supplements for me and my own products and systems.

I was "given" and reacting to all of the related beliefs, programming, conditions, toxins, emotions and symptoms that no other therapy was helping. I knew that I needed to figure out the system that would help me and then help others. Decades ago, I read that Dr. Edward Bach of the Bach flower remedies was "given" symptoms for some of his last remedies and that he had to go out into the fields to find the flower that would heal his given symptoms.

I had no clue what I was getting into when I began this journey, but in hindsight doubt that I had any choice - at least if I wanted to be healthy. I thought I had completed my mission here when I finished my book and products to neutralize emfs and geopathic stress. I was still alive so guess I inherited another mission. Thank goodness, because of my age, there can't be many more like this one!

This Energetic Evolution of Evolve Beyond is now just the very beginning of what is possible. Imagine how your life would be if you were free of all of these interference energies and were healthier, wealthier, happier, more content and in joy. I plan to learn what more is possible and then teach much more about this system in the future.

These connections to your Divine Beingness are now available to you in this IMP*D-Pendant and Evolve Beyond System to connect you to those parts of yourself. Since this is working only with parts of your own Beingness, there should not be any interference in beliefs with any religion or spiritual practices.


What are These Secret Attacks Sabotaging Your Life?

They are a combination of many different types of toxic "Interference Energies" (IEs) that are covertly entering your body and Beingness and affecting all areas of your life.

The interference energies consist of the "energy" of toxins, diseases, programmed belief systems, programming, manipulations, daemonium energies, programmed emotions, our emotions recycled so that you cannot release or heal them and covert connections to outside of yourself that also pulls into you all of these from other people.

I believe that most of what we believe are our own belief systems are really programmed belief systems.

I also believe that we create our own belief systems, especially from deep emotional issues or traumas. Once we stop and then release all of these programmed belief systems and other interference energies, we can look at what is truly ours and begin to resolve them.

We no longer have our own power. Probably because we are programmed to be afraid of it. The IEs have covertly taken it over or have always had it.

How Does This Happen?

All of these interference energies and their information enter your body and Beingness via "your" pathways into your body.

What probably were your natural pathways into your body and Beingness for beneficial energies have been taken over by interference energies to continually fill you with these toxic energies. Since you don't own these pathways or many parts of your body, "they" believe they own them and all of us. In my book Our Energetic Evolution in Healing I discuss the first energy pathway that I found and how to strengthen it in order to protect ourselves from these energies. That energy pathway under our feet on Layer I (more physical layer) has some benefits for teaching us to first heal our home of geopathic stress and then to move forward in our lives from how we may be stuck in the past. But the IEs have taken over that pathway also. I have not found any beneficial energies coming into our other pathways or uses for them although I have spent most of my time learning how to strengthen them. I also haven't seen one toxin that's not entering our body via one or more of these pathways. I suspect they were beneficial at one time but they have been taken over by IEs also.

What Are These Interference Energies?

I also refer to them as "carrier-derived daemonium energies" or "IMP-derived" or "IMP" energies that I have categorized into the below five primary areas - daemonium-derived energies, Curry Grid-derived energies and other forms of geopathic stress, earth energy-derived including the frequency of earth, radiated-derived energies, and connections to areas outside of you including connecting you to other people's energies.

All carrier-derived daemonium energies appear to be using another energy or source as their carrier. They are being used as carriers in order for these toxic interference energies to be pulled into our bodies and Beingness. These carrier-derived daemonium energies - meaning that these are toxic covert interference-type energies that are not yours but you are subconsciously either pulling them into you or they are being "placed" in you. I use the phrase "daemonium energies" to include all types of interference energies from covert sources such as dark forces, entities, evil beings, demons, dark energies of death and destruction - virtually any covert energy interfering in any area of your life.

1. Daemonium-derived energies - meaning toxic or harmful energies from daemonium sources, including from other planes of existence, daemonium forces and beings, humans, governments or countries.

2. Curry Grid-derived energies - meaning toxic or harmful energies using Curry Grid or other types of geopathic stress as their carrier in order to get into your Beingness.

3. Earth Energy/Earth-Derived Energies - meaning toxic or harmful energies and the frequency of earth in the earth using what used to be healthy earth energy as their carrier.

The interference energies have made even earth energy toxic to you. Even our food that's grown on and, in the ground, now contains toxic earth energies.

So far, I don't see that toxicity in fruits and nuts grown on trees. I suspect it's the powerful beneficial energies from the sun that are overpowering the toxic earth energies.

4. Radiated-derived energies - meaning toxic or harmful energies including 5G and all wireless satellites and communications.

This is one way that the energy of COVID-19 is getting into your body, along with the energy of other toxins, diseases and emotions (including fear of COVID-19) they have included with it.

5. Collective Unconscious-derived energies and collective unconscious daemonium-derived energies - meaning the energy of toxins, diseases, emotions and other interference energies that are not yours including the energy of daemonium energies from the collective unconscious.

When your pathways are weak, these toxic IEs are coming into you 24/7. And I have not seen any other way to strengthen these pathways other than the processes I have created and placed into the IMP*D-Pendant.

Why Are They Doing This to Us?

Because they can! And because they have their own agenda. I don't have a better answer for this other than some of these energies/beings feed off of us and our energy and life force. Some, because they like to see us suffer.

One of the hardest things for me to understand and accept is that we are not automatically (if at all) protected by the spiritual realm from these dark beings and interference energies. I now know that, but I still have trouble understanding it. And my asking for their protection did not provide any from these IEs.

In many ways, you are in "survival of the fittest" but very few people are "fit" in this area. Very few are even aware of all of the beings and systems that are allowed to exist here and on the astral plane that are Interfering, Manipulating and Programming -IMPing our lives and destroying our health.

Examples of Energies that the IMP*D-Pendant Neutralizes and Protects You From

There are now about 50 processes and a couple of them have many more parts to them. The energy of all of these processes is now in the IMP*D-Pendant. I have mirrored these processes so that they are always functioning within me. I also wear the pendant 24/7 as it contains the other Personal Protector properties that protects us from emfs, geopathic stress and 5G energies.

Here are some examples of how you are being interfered with and what the pendant protects you from and releases. Some processes cover many types of interferences and some are very specific. You may test on yourself the below examples before and after wearing the IMP*D-Pendant for proof that it is working for you. Just give the pendant time to work before testing them. You may have within you thousands of programmings and the energy of toxins and diseases and energies that are not yours. I would be surprised if you did not show for almost all of these before wearing the IMP*D-Pendant.

One programmed belief system that I saw many years ago is that women and men are programmed to believe that women are not good enough and are slaves for men and are not allowed to be any more than that. I never would have believed that I believed that but by testing myself I saw that I did believe that programming. So did men and other women that I tested. This programmed belief has been cleared in me.

Process #1A: First, this process will give you ownership and make you the only source, power, control and authority of your body and Beingness.

Taking back ownership of your own body is an essential first step once you have the power to do that. If you test yourself or have someone else test you, you will find that you do not "own" many parts of your body or Beingness, such as "your" DNA, brain, teeth, bone marrow, bones, stem cells, aura or pathways. The IEs/daemonium energies own most of your body and parts of your Beingness. Maybe that's how they get away with what they do to us - they have taken ownership and believe it belongs to them, not us.

Test by saying out loud: I own the bones in my body?

How can you heal your body if you don't own it?

Process #1B: Carrier-Derived Daemonium Energies (C-DDEs) as discussed above.

Process #2A and 2B: Accepting, knowing and owning your power and living as the spiritual Divine Being that you are, including your ability and right to even exist.

Test: I am allowed to exist?

Process #3: Transmuting and releasing programming and programmed belief systems including "Not Allowed" (always from programming), "Not Worthy" (usually from programming) and "Not Safe" (usually from programming).

Test yourself: I am allowed to be __________________? Fill in the blank with healthy, wealthy, happy, safe, successful, in joy...

Test yourself: I am worthy to be __________________? Fill in the blank with healthy, wealthy, happy, safe, successful, in joy...

Test yourself: I am safe to be __________________? Fill in the blank with healthy, wealthy, happy, safe, successful, in joy...

Process #5: To protect all of your energy pathways and entry points into your body and Beingness.

Process #14: To release programming specifically created to attack and destroy you.

Once I started this research, I was under even more attack, probably to keep me from finishing this work to help others. And the sicker and weaker I felt, and the more I lost - I was losing all that I loved. From my homes, finances, being able to ski again, to no longer loving my work and then not being able to care for myself because I could no longer be up or walk for more than a few minutes. This reminded me of what I had experienced twenty plus years ago in Virginia - and was a continuation of that work. But this time I had to go much deeper to see the whole picture. And the deeper I went and the more I did, the sicker I got. And now again, I am coming out of this stronger than ever and creating solutions to help others with these interference energies. The more I worked to figure all of this out, the more they "sent" to me so that I was continually under attack. All of this has been stopped and healed.

Test: I am now under attack by interference energies?

Process #21: To release interference energies keeping you from reaching your desires and goals.

Process #22: To release programming keeping you from knowing and believing that when you are on this earth, you are not of this earth.

Test: I am on this earth and of this earth? Everyone I've tested tests "Yes" to this until they are wearing the IMP*D-Pendant.

Process #23: To release programming and interferences of fear that something bad will happen if you are _________________. Fill in the blank with healthy, wealthy, happy, successful....

Test: Something bad will happen if I am_______________________? Fill in the blank.

Process #27: To release all fail-safe type programming.

Process #32: To release programming of self-hate that's keeping you from being "allowed" to receive love and to love yourself.

Test: I hate myself? I love myself?

Process #34: To protect you from all energies that are stealing, utilizing and feeding off of your life force and energy.

Test: Daemonium beings are feeding off of me?

Process #38: To protect you from 5G and other radiated-derived energies (E&T Energem is still required in your home and on your cell phone).

Process #39: To release programming to take on what you help heal in others.

Process #43 A-G: Multi-part process releasing the programming that's keeping you and your body from knowing, understanding, feeling and being that it is possible, safe and you are worthy to possess these goals of:

A. Being cared for, nurtured, cherished, wanted, loved, supported...

B. Receiving and having fun, being happy, self-confident and supported...

C. Being stable and strong and good enough just as you are...

D. Ability to acquire and retain what you choose and desire.

E. Being seen, heard and understood; peaceful and restful sleep...

F. Safe having, being and doing what you desire...

If not having these beneficial energies are caused by deep-seated emotions or trauma, they may require additional work.

Process #44: To release programming that makes things worse - the more I do, the worse things get.

Process #47: To connect you to that spiritual Divine part of yourself that only knows health, well-being and positive aspects so that you can receive from it in order to transform your body and life.

Each process that I did made a positive shift in me. But this process made the biggest shift. It would not have been possible without all the previous processes. Soon after doing this one, I had a sense of well-being that I had not felt since I had had the flu months earlier. I still had remnants of the flu, but it wasn't affecting me like before. And at least a part of every day I was humming and singing - a great indication of well-being.

Test: I am connected to and resonating to that spiritual Divine part of myself that only knows health and well-being?

Process #C: Programming that causes your body to change healthy foods, primarily vegetables you consume into poison, like arsenic.
Process #H-1: And finally, we have gotten to the point where the negative energies have been stopped from entering you and are being released and now, you can begin adding more positive energies into your body and your Beingness. This process begins the regeneration and rejuvenation of your organs, glands and systems.

Test: Part of my own Beingness is now rejuvenating (or regenerating or healing) my ______________? Fill in the blank with any organ, gland or system such as DNA, lungs, kidneys, etc.

The IMP*D-Pendant and/or doing the processes instructs your Beingness to protect you from all of these interference energies.

IMP energies as well as daemonium energies (DEs) and interference energies (IEs) are all inclusive names for all types of manipulation, programming, programmed belief systems, energy of toxins and diseases, recycled emotions, the energy of toxic energies, diseases and emotions that are not yours and are covertly drawn into you from other people and also soul contracts, oaths, vows, curses, negative forces and energies, dark forces, possibly entities and implants and connections to very toxic areas outside of you. Your weakened energy pathways and other entry points allow/pull into you these interference energies.

Here is a list of some of the "energy" of toxins and diseases that I have released or am still releasing over the past years.



Radiation, including 5G

Geopathic stress





Root canal toxins




Epstein-Barr virus



All of these came into one or more of my weak energy pathways via carrier-derived daemonium energies from daemonium energies, Curry Grid geopathic stress, earth energies, radiated energies or the collective unconscious. And these are some of the ones that did "stick" with me until using this pendant and system. Hundreds of others came in, but did not stick.

"They" know your weak spots and how to control you using them. They use your traumas and especially used my sadness and grief about my husband's death and kept recycling it so that I could not release and heal from it. That has now finally healed.

These carrier-derived daemonium energies may explain how/why we get sick. I believe that these carrier-derived daemonium energies are the SOURCE of all diseases, but not the CAUSE.

The "energy" of all of these toxins, diseases and emotions are coming into our home and our body and stay within us. (The E&T Energem neutralizes all of these that come into the electrical system, but not those that come directly into us via many other pathways).

Something may trigger us - either an exposure, a trauma or emotion that resonates to and with the same energy from the source that then attracts or triggers the disease to manifest within us.

Will the release of all of these energies by wearing the IMP*D-Pendant or doing the processes keep us from "catching" these diseases? That is what I believe


The IMP*D-Pendant and Evolve Beyond System and What They Do

This new pendant is called the IMP*D-Pendant:

Interference, Manipulation, Programming to Divine Pendant

We have, as part of our Beingness, parts of us that are outside of and not affected by any of these "matrix" type interference energies. But before accessing it, we need to stop all of the interferences coming into us so that we have the power, authority and ability to connect to it.

ENERGEM Personal ProtectorIMP to Divine Pendant - taking you from being a victim of the IMP energies and interference energies to connect you to your Divine Beingness parts of you that can and will help you heal your life.

So, all of this healing is from a part of you within your Beingness - so that you do not have to go outside of you to heal yourself.

This pendant and system give you your power to be able to run and control your own life free of outside interferences. The pendant and system are stopping and releasing the IMP interference energies and connecting you to and resonating with your Divine Beingness.

As I have said, this new pendant is part of the new Evolve Beyond System that connects you to a higher dimensional part of yourself that will provide the protection which then activates and allows the detox and subsequent ownership and the connection to another part of yourself that assists the transformation of all areas of your life. This is not a quick-fix treatment, but rather a long-term transition of you controlling your own life - for the rest of your life.

This pendant strengthens all pathways and points of entry from interference energies into your Beingness - not just your body. This also affects your soul and spirit. It assists the detox of all of the IMP, interference energies and daemonium energies. So, your life is now guided by you - not interference energies and dark energies.

This is nothing I do to heal anyone or anything. I provide the "energies" in the pendant to first stop and remove the IMP energies and then to connect you to your own healing center.

Improvements You May Feel

These comments are from my human test "guinea pigs." Most have been wearing the pendant for several years throughout its evolution and some for only six months or so. The first thing I've heard is that people are experiencing an increase in energy - sometimes a huge increase in energy. That seems to happen quickly and for most everyone. Sometimes this comes after an initial detox and sometimes virtually immediately.

After finalizing the last processes, I immediately felt a sense of well-being - especially from the process that connected me to my Divine Beingness. It took me from still trying to recover from a flu to that sense of well-being - and humming and singing again. So much of what I had been doing that should have been beneficial was programmed to turn into something that sabotaged me. It was like "they" knew me. They took my deepest emotions that I had tried to heal and kept recycling them over and over again so that it was like a continual loop to never be healed.

One person has been on a plant-based diet for several years. During my initial testing and even more recently all of her nutrient points were weak (low). With the recent upgrades the past couple of months those points are now all strong and she is assimilating nutrients from her food. Her being low in nutrients could very well have been from the above Process #C - programming to turn vegetables into a poison. She is my age and is not taking the IMP Detox Essence. That was a test to see how she would do. She felt more energy and more grounded from the pendant. After the last update of the pendant, she felt a bit sluggish the first day or two, especially later in the afternoon, but soon came back to having lots of energy. While working for a long period of time with others, she was asked if she needed to take a break to rest. No, she didn't!

Another test subject in her late 60s has primarily noticed a huge increase in energy. She is doing more and not having to make long lists of things to remember like she used to. She intuitively knew what to do. And more recently still has more energy even though she was not getting as much sleep as usual.

A client also reported that her energy was much better. She used to frequently comment to her husband that she felt so tired (she has 10 children). After awhile her husband commented that she was no longer complaining about being so tired. She was concerned when her 5-year-old son did some twitches with his fingers much too often, or at least whenever she observed him. He has been wearing the IMP*D-Pendant for four months and his finger twitching is gone.

Her 21-year-old daughter has had issues with her voice. She is a teacher, and teaches in the morning 4 days a week. She kept on getting hoarse every weekend, while she wasn't abusing her voice at all. She tried some vitamins, as well as homeopathic remedies yet it didn't get any better. Her daughter has been wearing the IMP*D-Pendant for four months and her voice has improved drastically.

A client who is extremely sensitive to his environment had been wearing the IMP*D-Pendant for a few months and said he was happy and feels so much better.

The improvements I have discussed so far are only the beginning of the benefits for you. It is still too early to know all of the benefits that you could experience in the coming years. Soon we will know more areas that this pendant can help - such as will it help remove addictions. Once the interferences and programming are stopped and released, then you will be more able to reach your goals and desires without all of the sabotaging energies.

The new possibilities for our future are now unlocked and are unlimited without all of the interference energies keeping us stuck, sick, feeling sabotaged, under attack and a victim in all we try to do.

This IMP*D-Pendant can take you from being a victim of the interference energies and sabotaging energies to being your own Divine Being and now able to control your own life.

Goals with the IMP*D-Pendant

The initial goals are to stop all of the sabotaging interference energies from coming into your body so that you become the owner, control and only authority of all areas of your life. Most people experience an increase in energy very quickly. As the energy of these toxins, diseases and all other interference energies are released, you may feel a sense of well-being like I did. As more and more belief systems are released, you may feel like you have more control of your life and it is moving more along the path that you choose. As the blocks to healing, wealth, happiness and success are neutralized, you are making wiser choices and reaching more of your goals and desires. Some of these changes may be very subtle and harder for you to recognize. Those around you may see them before you do.

The ultimate goal is for you to be able to have ownership and control of your own life. The energy pathway under your feet on Layer I (of three layers) must be strong to benefit 100% from this pendant. The first step to strengthen this pathway is to neutralize the geopathic stress in your home. One E&T Energem will do that. Once that is done, then if the pathway is weak, it's telling you that you are going backwards in an area of your life. More info is available about this pathway in my book Our Energetic Evolution in Healing and as a free download when you sign up for Gems E-Letter on the home page at

This IMP*D-Pendant stops the toxic earth energies from coming in via our pathways, but it does not transmute the toxic earth energies in our food. The Transmutation+ Energem is needed to transmute the toxic earth energies and other toxins in foods and virtually anything else in your home. I place everything I bring into my home on the Transmutation+ tray (or the T+ tray on it).

The IMP*D-Pendant needs to be worn 24/7 so that you are not again allowing in the interference energies.

The IMP Detox Enerdisc is available to help with all of this deep detox. The Enercleanse Enerdisc (for lymph and blood drainage) and the Geopathic/EMF Essence Enerdisc for the radiation detox would also be beneficial.

You can start wearing the IMP*D-Pendant without these and add them when you are ready (but the E&T for the home is still important to have first).

There will be upgrades for this IMP*D-Pendant - no charge for the first five years. And I am currently working on ways that you can delve further into this type of work doing it for yourself once you have adjusted to the pendant.

I have been asked if the processes will ever be available so that you could do them yourself. I hope so but that is probably years away. And each process takes anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes to mirror. I would still suggest that one wear the IMP*D-Pendant first.

If you are ready to stop all of these sabotaging and interference energies from coming into your body and Beingness and to take back ownership and control of all areas of your life, then click on this link to first order the pendant of your choice (Item # 91-96) and then add Item #100 for the IMP*D Add-on. If you already have a Personal Protector Energem Pendant that you would like to update to an IMP*D-Pendant, then order Item #100 to purchase the Add-on and then instructions will be emailed to you to finalize the upgrade.


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