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Why "Energy Toxicity" May be Keeping You as Weak and Sick as It Did Me — and the Energem™ Neutralizer Antidote for Reclaiming Your Mental and Physical Vitality


Hello, my name is Karen Mileson. I want to talk to you about something neither you nor I can see, but that may be affecting your health right this very second.

Most people will undoubtedly live their entire lives — may be sick an entire lifetime, in fact — without so much as an inkling of these mysterious toxins. And even after I tell you about them, you may still have your doubts.

Sadly, the proof surrounds us.

And you can prove it to yourself, if you like. Just remove the insidious forces around your home or work — or simply neutralize them with one of my Energem "antidotes" — and you'll likely see an immediate improvement in your well-being and the way you feel.

That would be pretty impressive proof, wouldn't it?

radiation electronicsWhat I'm mainly talking about here is radiation. Not "nuclear radiation" or anything like that. No, this is radiation — a form of "energy pollution" (also referred to as electro-pollution or electro-smog) really — from the electricity surrounding us. And from everyday electronic devices like cell phones, Blackberries, computers, microwaves, and TVs.

It's also about toxic earth energies emanating from the ground (the name for that pollution is "geopathic," also referred to as geopathogenic and geopathy). This includes several different types of grid lines from the earth called Curry Grid, Double Grid and Hartmann Grid. And from the sky (I've named that "atmospathic").

Regardless of origin, these toxic energies can literally lead to weaker immune systems. And stronger diseases. It can block therapies from working and, in some cases, even lead to death.

But before I tell you about my Energem antidote to what may be the biggest challenge to your well-being, let's look a little deeper into this unsettling, unseen world.

Poisoned From Radiating Toxins

We all know what a toxin is.

Among other definitions, a toxin is a form of poison that can accumulate within us — often without our knowledge — from things we eat, drink, breathe, and touch. Most of us, though, don't realize we can also "catch" these toxins in more insidious ways: They can actually radiate not just on us but into us.

We know about radiation poisoning from nuclear bomb blasts. How some victims who avoided getting killed from an actual blast later succumbed to invisible radiation. Well, it may help to think of toxic energy as something like that. Less lethal, of course (at least in most cases), but still a kind of toxin we get bombarded with every day.

And not always directly, either. Energy toxicity can "contaminate" such seemingly innocent "third party" things as beverages in our refrigerators — bottled water, for example — which we, in turn, consume, ingesting the still-potent toxicity in it.

Unseen — and Unchallenged — by Our Immune Systems

To compound the problem, our immune systems, so great at identifying and fighting such tangible toxins as bacteria and viruses, are blind to this toxic energy.

we live in a sea of electromagnetic radiation taht we cannot sense and that never before existed on this earth...It's not even on our immune system's radar screen. Robert O. Becker, M.D. and Gary Selden, authors of The Body Electric, explain how our immune system is wonderfully equipped to fight tangible invaders...but can't perceive electromagnetic energy enough to fight it.

The result is a dangerous invader that intrudes virtually unchallenged into our most sensitive energetic and biological systems.

electromagnetic radiation"We now live in a sea of electromagnetic radiation that we cannot sense and that never before existed on this earth," Dr. Becker believes. "New evidence suggests that this massive radiation may be producing stress, disease, and other harmful effects all over the world by interfering with the most basic levels of brain function."

200 Million Times More Radiation

You don't have to look any further than your office or home. All the electrical devices and wires you have there generate EMF radiation.

Needless to say, these aren't normal — or people-friendly — energy fields. In fact, alternating currents, operating at 60 cycles per second, are often implicated in cancers (like leukemia), mental problems (like depression and psychosis), and a host of other physical and mental problems (too numerous to mention here).

electronic smogIn "The Menace of Electric Smog," author Lowell Ponte said, "The United States is wired with 500,000 electronic smogmiles of high-voltage power lines. Industry, government, and the military depend on 250,000 microwave relay links. Airliners see and are seen via radar. 9,000,000 broadcasting transmitters and microwave relay stations, and 30,000,000 CB radios flood our airways.

Industry employs 35,000,000 electromagnetic devices. As a result, a typical American now gets a daily dosage of electromagnetic radiation up to 200 million times more intense than what his ancestors took in from the sun, stars, and other natural sources."

And Mr. Ponte may even be underestimating the picture. But the problem isn't just man-made.

Geopathic Toxicity That Also Needs Neutralizing

In my book, Our Energetic Evolution in Healing: Free Yourself From the Unseen Forces That Can Make You Sick, I refer to this interesting quote from Swiss hydrologist, Dr. Josef A. Kopp: "Physical forces which emanate from subterranean water streams were already known to the Chinese some 4000 years ago. The adverse health reactions of this caused them to avoid soil irritation zones when they constructed homes."

There's no question there are places on this planet that radiate dangerous forces. These invisible geopathic energies originate in any number of ways.

the german town of VilsbiburgAn early study in Stuttgart correlated the location of geological faults to a high incidence of cancer,"I also reported in my book. "That study inspired Baron Gustav Freiherr von Pohl in 1929 to conduct his own research, which linked geopathic stress to cancer as well as other diseases. Because of the high incidence of cancer in the German town of Vilsbiburg, von Pohl mapped out the underground water streams and confirmed that all of the beds of the 54 recent cancer fatalities had been located above these streams."

Pretty unsettling information, don't you think? An American researcher, Victor E. Archer, M.D., wrote a paper entitled "Geomagnetism, Cancer, Weather and Cosmic Radiation." His conclusion? Dr. Archer believes natural radiation has a significant effect on cancer death rates.

fungus toxins bacteriaI could go on. I've discovered many other toxins that co-exist with the geopathic — and EMF — stresses. These include the energy of "live toxins" such as fungus/yeast, bacteria, virus and parasites. Ever wonder why you can't totally rid yourself of long-term health problems? Maybe it's because you can't rid yourself of these long-term live toxins until you eliminate the reasons they're there. The breadth of this subject — including the potential link between geopathic stress and cancer — remains an area of cutting-edge research, something you could read more about in my book and select others.

For my purposes here, though, the greater question remains, how do we protect ourselves and our families from all these toxic energies?

It took me five years of hard work to uncover the answer.

My Firsthand Struggle With Toxic Energy

While my interest in this subject may have started out scientific, it soon became more survival.

so I concluded this stage of my life by moving out of my toxic dream home...and that's when the most amazing thing started happeningShortly after my husband and I moved into our dream home, I became sick. As it turned out, I wouldn't be the only one — my husband was diagnosed with cancer within ten years of living there. And neither illness made much sense.

We thought we were both at a wonderful stage in our lives, in a home that seemed like a bit of heaven. We both enjoyed the outdoors — particularly skiing — and thought we were doing our best to stay in excellent health.

Sadly, my husband's condition proved fatal. In the midst of that crisis, I was going through my own desperate health struggle. Fortunately, I met someone who would shed light on our trials and confirm my suspicions. This "energy system consultant" helped me understand the energetic underpinnings of our environment. And by environment, I mostly mean where we live and work.

I discovered — with this enlightened lady's help — that my dream home was an energetic nightmare. Talk about toxic energy! It emanated from, among other sources, the lightning rod system and two geopathic energetic grids running through the home.

This discovery may sound funny to you. Fair enough. Remember how I said, "And you can prove it to yourself, if you like. Just remove the insidious forces around your home or work — or simply neutralize them with one of my Energem "antidotes" — and you'll likely see an immediate improvement in how you feel."

toxins in homeWell, that's exactly what happened tome.

Although I had already invented an EMF Energem by then, I had yet to invent one for geopathic stress. So I concluded this stage of my life by moving out of my toxic dream home...and that's when the most amazing thing started happening:

I began feeling better!

From being wheeled through airports to get to my newly adopted Colorado home, I started taking walks, then joining a gym, then skiing again.

Bunny slope to intermediate to even expert, later on.

My activities soon included (and still do include) snowshoeing and kayaking — not bad for someone who had the occasional need of a wheelchair, if I do say so. Along the way, I immersed myself in researching this energy toxicity that, I believe, had claimed my husband's life...and had almost taken mine.

After five years, I had discovered the way to counteract both EMF and geopathic stress with my revolutionary Energems.

Now...I want to tell the world.

Today: An Energem To Counteract Virtually
All The Energy Toxicities Afflicting You

It's a pretty miraculous thing, when you think about it.

The proprietary system I developed for creating my Energems involves a special electrical instrument — a kind of computer, actually — that "transfers" the beneficial energies/frequencies I've researched into a tiny "container," if you will.

energemThe result is a beautiful, natural crystal or gem product whose potency belies its tiny size. Infused in Energems are the beneficial energies/frequencies that can neutralize your exposure to these dangerous toxins. These "good" energies are extremely powerful and travel through a home's wiring the way EMFs do. Which is why just one Energem per home is effective.

Another beautiful thing here is, Energems are designed to last indefinitely! They don't wear out. There are no batteries to replace. Nothing to plug in. Energems simply work, day after day, in a "fight fire with fire" kind of way — they essentially project "good" energy to neutralize the bad.

We're so confident about them, we even offer you a money-back guarantee.

What do our Energem customers have to say?

Energem Fans And Testimonials

No pun intended, but few people are as down to earth as farmers. Which is what makes this testimonial all the more powerful.

  • This 67-year old retired farmer, who had lived in his family's home all his life, told me he never, ever felt as good — or as energetic — as other people he knew. Nothing seemed to work. But after a couple of weeks of using Energems, he said he felt like a "heavy weight had been lifted from his shoulders." He felt good for maybe the first time in his life! He called me a couple months later to say that his improvement was still continuing.

  • A TBM Practitioner (Total Body Modification) in Connecticut writes: "Now that I've been using the Energems for about a year, I would feel quite deprived if they were not available to me. Karen, you are making a significant contribution towards the health of the planet."

  • "I have had my Energem for about three months now as I start this letter. The difference in my life is phenomenal," writes a nice lady named Esther.

  • "On the Internet, I found www.energems.com which led me to the wonderful E&T Energem that now lies on top of our computer. Over the last four months, my health has improved in leaps and bounds and visitors have often commented on the peace in our home," DB, in New Zealand, wrote to tell me.

  • Then there was this nice Swiss lady. In her own words...
    "When watching TV, I don't feel this oppressive sensation on my forehead anymore; my ideas are clearer, my eyes not as tired as they used to be. On the computer, I'm more focused and comfortable than before. The atmosphere in my home is joyous and peaceful. I can concentrate better and my creativity is enhanced. Moreover, I experienced all these changes very quickly — just days after I purchased the Energems. They are powerful tools that can make a big difference in one's life!"

    In her email, she listed the following improvements:
    • Her overall health improved dramatically.
    • Her sleep was more serene.
    • The everyday fears she had had before virtually disappeared.
    • There was greater self-confidence, esteem, and love in her life.
    • She felt happier, lighter, more energized, balanced, and more "powerful."
    • Her perceptions of people and situations improved in a very positive manner.
    • More detachment was taking place in her life, allowing her to have a clearer vision of who she was.
    • She felt able to make better decisions.

I could go on. But let me introduce you to the Energem that may be the ideal solution for your specific situation. Click here to view Energems.


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