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News & Updates

New Transmutation+ Energem

Are you worried that your food, beverages and most everything else in your life are so toxic that you’re afraid they could be making you tired or even feel sick? I was - which is why I created this new product. If you are too, then this new Transmutation+ (T+) Energem was designed for you! It’s great to no longer have to worry about the toxicity in my food, beverages and household products. This T+ Energem now replaces the Food+ Energem.

If you have an E&T Energem protecting your home (the most important Energem to have), that by itself will neutralize the geopathic, emf and related toxins in the foods as they enter your home. But there are more and more toxins now entering our food chain and environment. Nothing is pure anymore. That includes virtually all food and water - including spring water just coming out of the ground and the food from your organic garden.

What Items Can be Transmuted

Almost any toxic item can be transmuted using this T+ Energem. And today virtually all food and beverages have a number of toxins in them. The T+ Energem may be used to transmute the toxins in: food; microwaved food (that means virtually all restaurant food and food in your home if you don’t have an E&T Energem in it); water; beverages; eye glasses; any household products; cosmetics, creams and lotions; fingernail polish and remover; paper towels and other paper products; batteries; printer ink; watches; cleaning and laundry supplies; bedding; plastics, etc.

Clients are already finding unique ways to use this product as well as the Living Vortex Water Enerdisc, such as: clearing toxicity in pillows; in foam mattress covers; clearing toxicity in cars; transmuting chemical toxicity in new furniture; hair products, including permanents; placed on hot water heaters and water lines to transmute the toxicity in the water as it’s coming into your home. For further information on how to do this on large items, once you receive your T+ Energem, email:

As with everything, use your common sense. I would not expect very toxic items like poisons or strong insecticides to become non-toxic.

How to Use the Transmutation+ Energem
All you have to do is set the item on this T+ Energem. The items may then be removed and they will not pick up toxicity once removed. It is that simple!

I have done extensive testing with foods transmuted on this new T+ Energem and have not found any of the beneficial qualities of the food to be modified – only the toxic ones.

Order Energem T+What I’ve found in my testing is that once the toxins are neutralized using this Transmutation+ Energem, they no longer pick up any toxicity – even after being removed from the T+ Energem.

The Transmutation+ Energem is available either in coasters or food trays. The coaster is a great size for your beverages and a small coaster to take with you when you eat in restaurants. At home I use a tray and place my plate on it. Immediately it begins working to transform the quality of my food.
You may see the two different size coasters and two different trays and place an order for this Transmutation+ Energem at:

Return Food+ Energem Coasters
If you already own an old Food+ coaster, it may be returned to be upgraded for a fee of $35.00 including Priority Mail shipping back to you within the US. Please email me for rates for other countries.

Return the Food+ coasters with a check for $35.00 or your Visa or MasterCard number to:

Karen Mileson
Energetics International, Inc.
PO Box 17056
Snowmass Village, CO 81615

If you have any questions, please email me:

Energems – Upgrade to Neutralize New Virus Contaminating Your Home and Environment — February 2016

It has been almost seven years since the Energems required an update. There was a minor change in the electrical system last year but not enough to require updating. Now the energy of a new virus has again entered your environment. This new toxicity is coming into the electrical system and is now in all areas of your homes and buildings, at least within the US. And I suspect it is everywhere. I do not yet know about other countries but I do recommend that everyone worldwide does get the upgrade as a precaution. From my testing and my research for the past three years, I believe this is an intentional form of interference in your health and lives. I don't know the source/cause and probably never will. I choose to focus on the solution for us. The Energems are still neutralizing the emfs and geopathic stress, but not functioning at 100% to neutralize all of the related toxins that also come in with those frequencies.

Upgraded Energems, when properly used, neutralize all of this toxicity in your food, water and many other products as they come into your home (except poultry), so that they will be utilized properly by your body and you will benefit from them. That stopped recently when this new toxicity started coming in. I still place ALL of my food on my Transmutation+ Energem tray before I put them away. I not only “see” via my testing the energy of this virus in the electrical system and now all the food, water and other products, but I also see the energy of and the fear of this virus coming directly into the body via the reptilian brain on everyone I have tested that does not yet have this upgrade in their home Energem. So this upgrade protects your body directly while in your home as well as neutralizing it in the food, water, etc. in your home. And wearing an updated Personal Protector Energem will protect you while outside of your home.

Much of my life for the past three years has been immersed into researching and testing ways to empower and protect us from these interference-type energies. I have created a new pendant that I believe is close to being finalized as well as two different systems to assist our healing and evolution. The systems are still a year or more away. I plan to offer the new pendant in the near future with the option of your being able to upgrade your current Personal Protector Energem as well as to include the new pendant energies, if desired.

For now, I am upgrading only the E&T and Elixir Energems. I will offer the upgrade to the Personal Protector soon. All Energems shipped starting this week do have the upgraded energies in them.

I will now upgrade all of these Energems from photos of them so that you will not lose use of and protection from them – and initially ONLY the Energems that stay within the electrical system and are not worn. Still include the photo for cell phone Energems, but those will be handled differently and you will be notified prior to their upgrade. If they are being worn, then contact me to make other arrangements. I soon will also be making some improvements in one or two of the Enerdisc coasters and will also offer upgrading using photos.

How to Get Your Upgrade

First determine your cost to upgrade. That is based on when you purchased your E&T or Elixir Energem. The date is handwritten on the back of the colored card as well as on the paperwork that was sent with your order. If it was during 2015 to the present time, then there is no charge. If it was purchased between 2011 and 2014, then the cost is $20. If it is older than that, then the warranty has expired. I will now update, via photos only, any E&T and Elixir Energems with an expired warranty (only for the next 30 days) for a cost of $120.

Once you know the fee to upgrade, then go to the website at: Here you will be redirected to enter your fee and to place your upgrade order.

Once the order is placed, then email me one photo for each product to be upgraded. To take the photo, place the product on the floor. It can be tile, carpet, wood, etc. If possible, include the back of the colored card in the photo. Then email that to In the email include the amount you paid for the upgrade, your name, address, phone number, email address, name or product number of the Energem and date of purchase. In your email, also confirm that this product is never worn.

I will email you when the upgrade is completed.

If for some reason you choose to physically return the Energem for upgrading, please email me. The costs and time involved are substantially higher. Due to time restrictions, this update is only available for the next 30 days and must be completed within that time.

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