Enerdiscs are hand carved subtle enegry gem stone discs that neutralize and energize.    

Make your own essences — forever.
Start with the Enercleanse, followed by the Scavenger Release and Enertox.

Enerdiscs have Energized Heart hand carved onto 90mm gem coasters.

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energem x elixir
energem x elixir
enerdisc enercleanse

Item #400 - SPECIAL STARTER SET - Save $78.00
Buy item #400 to get the three most important products for YOU - and save $78.00 in the process. This package includes one each with the beautiful heart logo:

One of product #13,
Home/Office Electrical & Telephone Energem that turns your "Sick House" into "Home Sweet Home." It neutralizes the toxicity from geopathic stress, electromagnetic stress, telephones including cordless phones, microwave ovens and more. Only one needed per home.

One of product #20,
Cell Phone Energem to neutralize the toxicity from your cell phone.

One of product #210,
Enercleanse Essence Enerdisc to make your lymph and blood drainage essences yourself and forever. It assists the elimination of ALL toxicity from your body, especially from your "Sick House."
Price: $499. Individual price $577. Save $78


enerdisc enercleanse
Item #210 - ENERDISC - Enercleanse Essence
This essence assists lymph and blood cleansing and drainage. For a heavy cleansing, small amounts (a few drops) may be taken more frequently or placed in water you sip throughout the day.
Enercleanse Essence. 90mm blue quartz coaster
Price: $229


enertox enerdisc
Item #220 - ENERDISC - Enertox Essence
This essence assists in the detoxification of primarily the core toxins. Core toxins are "dead" toxins, including radiation, insecticides, geopathic and electromagnetic stress, air pollution, toxic metals, food additives and preservatives, solvents, chemicals, pollution, dental materials, root canal toxins. A great detox tool.
Enertox Essence. 90mm frosted crystal coaster.
Price: $229


scavenger enerdisc
Item #230 - ENERDISC - Scavenger Release Essence
This produces an essence that can assist in the detoxification of "scavenger" toxins. Scavenger toxins are "live" toxins, including bacteria, virus, fungus/yeast, parasites/nematodes, and rickettsia.
Scavenger Release Essence. 90mm black calcite coaster.
Price: $229


energizer enerdisc
Item #240 - ENERDISC - Energizer Essence
This popular essence helps energize the body, something most of us can use.
Energizer Essence. 90mm milky jade coaster.
Price: $229



sun enerdisc
Item #250 - ENERDISC - Sun Energizer Essence
Water placed on this gem coaster is changed to duplicate the beneficial energies of the sun. This changed water can then be used for people, pets, or plants. For people, it can serve to increase vitality and the functioning of the endocrine system.
Sun Energizer Essence. 90mm red aventurine coaster.
Price: $229


Geopathic & Emf Essence Enerdisc
Item #260 - ENERDISC - Geopathic & Emf Essence
This produces an essence to assist in the detoxification and drainage of toxicity resulting from geopathic and electromagnetic (emf) stresses.
Geopathic & Emf Essence. 90mm blue aventurine coaster.
Price: $229



Geopathic & Emf Essence Enerdisc
Item #270 - ENERDISC - Living Vortex Water Energizer
90mm white jade coaster.
Price: $229



Enerdiscs — and Energems — give you a new freedom in your home,
the freedom of knowing you've neutralized the everyday toxins that used to plague you.

For your well-being and peace of mind,
order today.


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